17' Professor Ratings: Psychology and Pharmacology

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    Dr.Reem Alsabah
    She teaches well and gives handfuls of examples to help us understand. That said, I think she needs to slow down. She has way too many slides and tries to cover as much information as possible by talking faster.
    Five out of five

    Dr. Naif
    Just attend the class and (spoiler alert) don’t bring coffee.
    Five out of five


    Dr.Munya Al-Fulaij
    She teaches well and her slides are beautifully organized. She does go into details, so I recommend asking her to repeat if you don’t understand. If you let it go you’ll feel lost for the rest of the lecture. Her classes are a bit shorter than average.
    Five out of five

    Dr.Mariam Yousif
    Perfect teaching and perfect notes. You don’t even need to write anything down. I wouldn’t change anything she does. My favorite out of pharmacology teachers.
    Five out of five

    Dr. Ma Oriowo
    He’s funny and a good teacher. I left his class with a good grasp on the topic; his notes are also well organized. Get two cups of coffee for his class because you might fall asleep.
    Five out of five

    Dr.Jaber Al-Jaber
    Well organized notes but his lectures aren’t that important to attend. He basically reads the slides and further explains minor, unimportant things. His slides explain things well so just study from those and skip the boring class.
    Four out of five.

    Dr.Shima M Karam
    She is an average teacher who does a mediocre at teaching the lecture, meaning that she reads half of the slides and explains the other half. I don’t know why she refuses to give the students the notes before the class while simultaneously using a small font for her slides. This results in most of the students being lost and unable to see or follow along…
    Three out of five

    Dr.Suleiman Al-Sabah
    His slides are beautifully organized, but his teaching methods are lacking. He needs to go into detail when he explains instead of just reading the slides.
    Three out of five

    Dr. Milad S. Bitar
    I’m not going to lie, I attended his class and left within 15 minutes to not waste my time. His class doesn’t offer much. That said, I think his notes are possibly the best among the department, simple, straight to the point, and organized. I highly appreciate good notes because they stop the students from getting lost between the slides.
    Three out of five


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