17' Professor Ratings: Microbiology

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    Dr.Edet E Udo
    He does through the beginning of the slides extremely slowly, then notices that he’s almost out of time, then practically skims over the last slides. Bad time management. He has average notes.
    Three out of five

    Dr. Wafaa Jamal
    She teaches based on the assumption that we don’t have medical background knowledge, so she explains well and makes sure we are following. I appreciate that.
    Five out of five

    Dr.Eiman Mokaddas
    Her notes are very well organized and her teaching is amazing, she gives examples, engages the class, etc. We all got out with great understanding. No complaints what so ever.
    Five out of five

    Dr.Noura Al-sweih
    Her lectures are informative and quick because she gets right to the point. Organized slides and a good lecture.
    Five out of five

    Dr.Vo Rotimi
    Get a coffee and go to his class, it’s a bit long and a bit boring, but it is informative.
    Five out of five

    Dr.Nada Madi
    She's a great teacher but her class is so long and dense. Her notes are organized perfectly and have a lot of information. I can’t complain because she is a good teacher, but you have to not be sleeping to find that out.
    Four and a half out of five

    Dr.Sahar Essa
    Her teaching manages to make the information easy to digest, but it’s so boring. Her teaching style involves reading the slides, and her notes need help, I don't know why she puts pictures after every sentence, for example when it says "wash hands" she puts a picture of hands being washed and when it says "elderly" it has a picture of a cartoon grandma. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but having 10 pictures in one slide is not only annoying, but does not make sense. .
    Three out of five

    Dr. Iqbal
    His class is much more interactive than other professor’s. His teaching is pretty good and his notes are very straight forward and only includes the important stuff. The only complaint I have is that he doesn’t give us all the PowerPoint slides because he thinks that encourages us to look at studies and other sources for information, instead we just take pictures of his slides…
    Five out of five

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