17' Professor ratings: Physiology

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    Again, this is the opinion of one indivisiual so don’t take it too seriously

    Dr. Hameed Al-Sarraf
    His notes are very well organized and his teaching is great. He cares more about understanding than memorizing and his exam questions are reasonable.
    Five out of five stars

    Dr.Andreas W. Henkel
    His notes are practically empty, so you need to attend or get the tafree’3. His lectures are good and his exam questions are easy.
    Four out of five stars

    Dr. Sonia Alhashimi
    She does a good job simplifying her lectures and breaking them down so no one gets confused. Her notes are perfectly organized as well.
    Five out of five stars

    Dr. Elham Ghadhanfar
    She teaches wonderfully, but don’t be fooled because her notes are memorization filled and her questions are detail oriented. Don’t listen to her when she says “understanding is what matters” because all of the details that you didn’t pay attention to will come.
    Four out of five stars

    Dr.Fawzi A. Babiker
    No complaints. His notes are straightforward and easy to understand and his teaching is great.
    Five out of five stars

    Dr. M. Turcani
    Equations, equations, equations. It’s easy to understand the concepts of his note, but what’s really important is the equations. He always brings similar questions so if you practice them, you should be fine.
    Four out of five stars

    Dr. Abdeslam Mouihate
    I cannot complement this professor enough; his notes are easy and organized, he will answer all the questions well, and his questions are based on understanding. No complaints whatsoever. He’s awesome.
    Five out of five

    Dr. Zoran Redzic
    Do not try understanding and writing down what he says simultaneously, you will not succeed at either task. Attend the lecture and simply listen and try to understand. Also, focus on the Seminars for the acid and base notes.
    Four point five out of five stars
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