17' Professor ratings: Anatomy

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    This is the honest opinion of one medical student, take everything with a grain of salt

    Dr. Sampath Madhyastha
    To put it simply, he’s great! His notes are well organized, the lectures are structured, and he explains the subject well enough that people who are paying attention will understand. Zero complaints, this guy is awesome.
    Five out of five stars

    Dr. Mohammed Al-Onaizi
    He’s a good teacher, but his notes are rough to get through. The information he teaches is so dense and the learning curve is very steep. He always knows what he’s talking about so if you’re confused, just ask him. He know that his notes are challenging and thus repeats slides until we understand them, I appreciate it.
    Four and a half stars out of five
    Minus half a point for bringing questions that we didn’t study in the exam

    Dr. Alyaa Mousa
    Do not attend her lectures. I don’t know if I can say it in a nicer way but you get nothing from attending. I’ve given her chance after chance and attended multiple lectures hoping to gain something… then I went home and actually studied the note and understood .
    One out of five stars

    Dr. Heba Al-Hussaini
    Her notes are organized and her teaching is good. Her questions are also easy. No complaints.
    Five out of five stars

    Dr. Muddanna S. Rao
    His notes are purely memorization based.
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    Good idea!

    I totally agree with what you said about prof. Sampath. He is really amazing! Once he taught me in one of gross anatomy labs and that was the only lab that I ENJOYED.

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