17' Professor ratings: Biochemistry

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    These are just observations and opinions of one individual
    So take them with a grain of salt

    Dr. May Al-Maghrebi
    She has one of those very polarizing personalities in which people either hate or love her. Objectively speaking, she’s a good professor; she explains the concepts well, allows us to ask questions, and keeps us engaged in her lecture. She is also known to skip some slides and tell us that we don't need them for the exam as well as say we don’t need to memorize some diagrams. Everyone appreciates when professors tell us what’s important so we don't waste our time.
    I approve
    Four point five stars out of five
    (Minus half a point for being rude to students)

    Dr. Farook Thameem
    A professor that simply cannot slow down. I’ve seen him attempt to talk slower and he always goes back go his “Farook pace” in a sentence or two. Luckily for us, he writes down everything in his slides and reads off of it, so don't worry if you can’t understand a word he says.
    Four out of five stars
    If you can catch up with his pace, attend his lecture and if you can’t then don’t attend, as simple as that!

    Dr. James Craik
    He’s enthusiastic and loves what he teaches, make sure you understand his notes rather than memorize them because he cares more about the overall concept rather than the details.
    Four out of five stars

    Dr. Benov L
    Do you want to feel lost? Do you want to feel dumb? Attend his lecture when you haven’t studied the note and that is exactly how you’ll feel. He teaches assuming you already know the basics, and if you don’t, you’ll just be completely lost in the lecture.
    He caused me agony and stress
    He’s a good guy, but I do not approve
    Two out of five stars

    Dr. Aishah Al-Jarallah
    She’s okay. I had high hopes for her notes and thought they’d be interesting, but it turned out to be a bunch of memorization. Boring! You don’t even have to attend the lecture, just sit at home and memorize the material.
    Three point five out of five

    Hope this helped.
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    I think you forgot to mention prof. Islam khan, he taught us the first few lectures of biochem. His notes are interesting. He is good at teaching too. So attend his lectures!

    Five out of five!
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