For Non-Kuwaiti Graduates ‍☤ How to apply as a trainee at the Ministry of Health

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    ⚫ Step 1: The Ministry of Health

    Take a written application form; it will be written by yourself - Sample:

    السيد وكيل وزارة الصحة للشؤون الفنية المحترم
    تحية طيبة وبعد ،،،
    الموضوع \ طلب تدريب لسنة الإمتياز
    أود أن أتقدم لحضرتكم بطلب التدريب لسنة الامتياز في أحد مستشفيات دولة الكويت حيث أنني من خريجي كلية الطب - جامعة الكويت للعام الدراسي 2016\2017 وفيما يلي بياناتي الشخصية
    الاسم: ....... العمر:....... الجنسية:....... المؤهل العلمي:.......
    وتفضلوا بقبول وافر الشكر والتقدير

    ⚪ Take a copy of the following:
    ▫ Your Certificate
    ▫ Your Civil ID
    ▫ Your passport
    ▫ Your mother's Nationality if your mother is Kuwaiti
    ▫ Your birth Certificate
    ▫ Photos of you - ID Size

    Take all your papers and go to the office of (وكيل وزارة الصحة للشؤون الفنية)

    Then your papers will go to Legal Affairs Investigators (الباحث القانوني)

    ✅ After approval, the papers will be taken to KIMS, located in Behbehani Complex, in Kuwait city

    ⚫ Step 2: KIMS

    Last step is going to Behbehani Complex with a photo of you. At this point you get to choose which hospital you want to do your trainee year in. It depends on availability.

    Getting Your Salary:

    You will be paid 600K.D a month. After the trainee year (as an assistant registrar) your salary will be around 1200-1500

    After you finish your first month of training in the hospital, you go to the secretary of the head of department you are working in and ask them for a paper called work continuity (استمرارية عمل)

    Take this paper along with your salary certificate from your bank to the salary affairs in the Ministry of Health, located in the basement

    Every month you'll need to take your work continuity paper to the salary affairs in the Ministry of Health in order to collect your month salary

    ❗ But the bank salary certificate is only needed in the first month

    For inquires:


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