Entering the HSC as a british school student

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    So, where to begin? I still remember to this day when I got my AS levels grades online at 4:00 am in the morning and having a HUGE feeling of relief because I passed my requirements to get in Kuwait University. It was 6 IGCSE and 2 AS levels. For medical school, you needed to do English, Math, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. For AS levels, its recommended you do Chemistry and Biology. The percentage to get in medical school was 83% for the boys and 107% for the girls. Just kidding, but the % for the girls was very high, around 89%. Those were the good old days where medical school was easy to enter (for the boys). Now its become The Hunger Games just to be admitted to medical school (HSC Ofcourse). I highly recommend students who went to British curriculum to do their AS levels since it will boost their % and help them pass the first year at HSC, especially if you did chemistry and biology. Why? For example, If you get a B in an AS level course, Kuwait university will consider it as an A which is very good for you. Also, chemistry and biology in the first year of HSC is very similar to the AS level Chemistry and Biology. Now, for registering, make sure you reach in time for the registration, never be late Ofcourse and be prepared to be asked about certain paper and certifications. I remember driving around to British council and stamping my papers then driving back to shuwaikh then I get asked to go back somewhere else to stamp some papers, Its a long process but inshallah it won't be a difficult one for you. Mind you, what I just told u over the past 2 minutes took place in 2010. Yes, you read that right. So did I just waste 2 minutes of ur life? No. Why? Because I said so. Just kidding, what u read was a small part of my experience of what happened when I registered for Kuwait university and some of the missteps I took while registering.

    Now, for the 2014/2015 year the requirements go as the following: 6 IGCSE(including the 3 sciences) and 2 AS levels. So basically, its the same for the past 4 years. Soooooo I guess I may have wasted 2 minutes of your time, wait, 3 minutes.

    I hope u enjoyed reading my mini adventure of registering to HSC. Ill be back to talk about my journey in the first year of.....THE HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER OF KUWAIT
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